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We are a grassroots organization of El Dorado County residents who value their rural lifestyle and want to keep special interests from taking over this county. We sponsor three initiative petitions to amend the El Dorado County General Plan to curb developer influence and support responsible growth policies. 

Local voter control OR SPECIAL INTEREST?
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Shingle Springs Community Alliance, Save Our County, No San Stino, and Residents Involved in Positive Planning have come together to bring forth three important El Dorado County-wide initiatives.  In 2004 the voters of El Dorado County decided that, “The rural character of the county is its most important asset”. (pg. 2, EDC General Plan). These 3 initiatives will put into place policies that retain our rural quality of life and will limit the excessive influence of developers and special interest groups. 

 1 Measure O - Fix Community Region Line Flaws(GREEN PETITION)

·   Community Region Lines (CRL) are urban limit lines that define where the County intends to put high-density urban & suburban development.

·   This initiative removes inappropriate urban boundary lines from established rural communities.

·   The removal of these lines will prevent the Hwy 50 corridor and other main connectors from becoming one big bull's eye for high-density urban and suburban sprawl. 

The Green petition received enough signatures to be certified for the November 4, 2014 ballot and became Measure O.  Measure O was defeated by a $1 million campaign to cause voter confusion.

 2  Reinstate the original Measure Y   (YELLOW PETITION)

·   The original Measure Y was passed in 1998 to prevent traffic gridlock.  The second version that passed in 2008 was changed which weakened its purpose. 

·   This initiative restores Measure Y to its original intent.

·   The Board of Supervisors (BOS) will no longer be able to use a 4/5ths vote to ignore the requirements of Measure Y.

·   Land changes which severely impact traffic levels cannot be allowed based on hypothetical road improvements being built in the future.

The Yellow petition received enough signatures to be certified for the next statewide ballot in 2016.

 3  Keep Zoning As Is & Protect the County’s Resources  (PURPLE PETITION)

·   This initiative directs the Board of Supervisors to look at land use changes based on compatibility rather than favoritism, which provides predictability and security to landowners.

·   Since the 2004 General Plan was adopted, elements have been ignored, changed, reinterpreted or amended.

·   This initiative restores agricultural buffers, and requires the implementation of existing General Plan policies that protect the counties historical, cultural, water and recreational resources. 

The Purple petition received enough signatures to be certified by the Elections Department and will be before the Board of Supervisors on Friday, November 21, 2014.  The Board must decide whether to put the ordinance on the next statewide ballot or to adopt it within 10 days.

Let the VOTERS decide the County’s future.

9,415 Signatures 
  • On June 11th we submitted our first petition (Green - Fix the Community Region Line Flaws) with 9,415 signatures to the County Elections Department for certification to qualify for the  ballot in the November 2014 General Election.  

  • On June 16th we submitted our second petition (Yellow - Reinstate Measure Y) with 9,829 signatures to the County Elections Department for certification to qualify for the  ballot in the November 2014 General Election.  
  • The Elections Dept. certified that were sufficient signatures to place both the Green and Yellow Petitions on the ballot on July 29, 2014, but the Board of Supervisors decided at the last minute to order a 30-day report on the Yellow Petition, resulting in it being delayed until the next statewide general election, probably November 2016.  
  • The Green Petition was on the November 2014 ballot as Measure O!  Measure O was defeated by a $1 million campaign by the opposition to confuse voters.
  • The third petition (Purple - Retain Current Zoning and Protect County Resources) has had its signatures certified by the Elections Department.  It will be on the Friday, November 21, 2014, Board of Supervisors agenda for the Board to decide whether to adopt it or place it on the next statewide election.